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Thanks for the post. Father Christmas Father Christmas He's the meanest man in the whole wide world And in the whole wide world you can feel it He's a miser He's a skinflint He's a stingy lot Leave your stocking out for your Christmas gift And he'll steal it It's a shame He's a villain What a guy for a villain to play on Christmas day Father Christmas Father Christmas Who'll be just as mean as he's ever been And I mean to say we should all send Father Christmas on his Merry Christmas way Father Christmas! Father Christmas He's the rottenest man in the universe And there's no one worse, you can tell it Hey, he's a rascal He's a bandit He's a crafty one Leave a door undone He'll go in your house and sell it It's a crime It's a scandal What a guy for a vandal to play On Christmas Day If you distrust Father Christmas It is well to know That I told you so Cause I mean to say We should all send Father Christmas Father Christmas Father Christmas Father Christmas Father Christmas On his merry Christmas way! (Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - July 2004) ***** MAKE THE MOST OF THIS WORLD (NOT AVAILABLE YET) ***** IT'S NOT MY FAULT (NOT AVAILABLE YET) ***** DECEMBER THE 25TH Of all the days in all the year that I'm familiar with There's only one that's really fun December the 25th Correct! Ask anyone called Robinson or Brown or Jones or Smith Their favorite day And they will say December the 25 Correct! (refrain) December the 25th, me dears December the 25th The dearest day in all the year December the 25th! Correct! At times we're glad to see the backs of all our kin and kith But there's one date we celebrate December the 25th Correct! At times our friends may seem devoid of wit and pith But all of us are humorous December the 25th Correct! (refrain) If there's a day in history that's more than any myth Beyond a doubt one day stands out December the 25th Correct! I don't hear any arguments So may I say forthwith I wish that every day could be December the 25th (refrain) (Transcribed by Holly Tooker - December 2003) ***** HAPPINESS They say happiness Is a thing you can't see A thing you can't touch I disagree Happiness is standing beside A can see him He can see me Happiness is whatever You want it to be Happiness is a high hill Will I find it? Yes, I will Happiness is a tall tree Can I climb it? Watch, and see They say happiness is The folly of fools Pity for me One of the fools Happiness is smiling upon me Walking my way Sharing my day Happiness is whatever You want it to be Happiness is a bright star Are we happy? Yes, we are Happiness is a clear sky Give me wings And let me fly Let me fly For, happiness Is whatever you want it To be (Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - 2002) ***** YOU . They bought the soundtrack and it became a part of our holidays! Just listening to it right now, takes me back in time! Thank you very much! mushduck December 11, 2007 at 5:17 pm 9 years ago Reply In searching for the lyrics to these wonderful songs I found your site. You.you were everything. That Hell scene, I found a reason to be long in the lobby/bathroom. Privacy Policy. Thanks again for finding and sharing it.


Next year well be back on track. Magoo version of A Christmas Carol. My second favorite is the 1971 Alistair Sims animated version produced by Chuck Jones (availabale in full on Youtube) which doubles down on the creepiness and is a model of economy of storytelling, running only 25 minutes.posted by KingEdRa at 7:48 AM on December 21, 2014 [1 favorite] I saw Scrooge in its first theatrical release, and it became my favorite film adaptation of the story. Follow Me instagram youtube twitter spotify pinterest instagram . An Amazon.com company.


You.you were good for me. It required much more time than he expected, with the need of wires and a harness for his floating character. Magoo? It was the first thing I ever saw in color on a color television set. And lastly, its something I have already ripped. Some folks love this version of the story and others hate it. My parents saw it in theaters the first year they were married, and decided to make it a tradition to watch as a family.


I wondered if that had something to do with the dislocation being felt in the U.K. Theyre just that good. Being finally able to pass this on to the next generation has made it even dearer and more worth sharing. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website . He suffered a double-hernia that required surgery to repair. There's a 1984 one with George C Scott as Scrooge (made for tv) which follows the story pretty well and isn't awful.posted by Death and Gravity at 6:02 PM on December 20, 2014 I turned this off TCM when Scrooge's "I Hate People" number came on. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members.


May 5, 2013 The Devil's Auction March 13, 2012 In-Camera Trickery December 19, 2011 Ads via The DECK Tags Scrooge AlbertFinney RonaldNeame LeslieBricusse ThankYouVeryMuch Decemberthe25th IHatePeople CupOfHumanKindness WireWork Musicals Musical MustWatch CharlesDickens AlecGuiness EdithEvans KennethMoore AntonRodgers DavidCollings MichaelMedwin LaurenceNaismith RoyKinnear Share Twitter Facebook . (G says) Scrooge, you're an even bigger fool than I took you for! Now you listen to me. Scrooge - Father Christmas. All the neighborhood kids were invited to watch at the biggest home in the neighborhood. 3 Teresa Brewer: Ebenezer Scrooge Dickens / Film / Movies Previous PostTwilight Zone Xmas: Into The Yule Vortex Mix by Andy Cirzan Next PostFaLaLaLaLa.com 2006 ADVENTure In Carols (Final) 14 Comments bongolong December 25, 2006 at 1:59 am 10 years ago Reply Merry Christmas King!! And thanks for all the great shares! bongolong (bongobells) will1966 December 25, 2006 at 11:51 am 10 years ago Reply Thank you so much for sharing this. There's always the Jim Carrey Christmas Carol (ewwww, shudder) and the Patrick Stewart one from a couple years back (which manages to miss most of the humor of the original). (Netflix's Christmas offerings are, of course, dreadful.) My kid doesn't really know the Christmas Carol story, and I don't think he'd respond well to Dickens as-is, so I was hoping to use this one to introduce him. Although I was fortunate to see "A Christmas Carol" presented by Hartford Stage in Connecticut and was delighted to see a wholly new and amazing visualization which actually managed to make the story fresh--tough to do with something everyone knows by heart. Clav says " George C. b2d0762948

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